Mission Statement
We are dedicated to serving the under served population of the world and especially of South Los Angeles, California in the field of conventional medicine, combined with alternative medicine, providing the patient with a concierge type comprehensive approach to health and wellbeing, well within the means of the patient or client.

Our approach includes:

Consultation, paying attention to detail, leading us to a diagnosis and treatment of most ailments.

The use of hospitals and appropriate specialists for complicated and severe illness/cases.

The application of herbs, vitamins, minerals, nutrition, pH balance, bio-identical hormonal balance, blood type counseling on nutrition, exercise and spiritual wellbeing.

Continuity of care using home visits, healthcare extenders such as home health nurses, hospice nurses, and ancilliary providers to deliver needed care.

Introducting the entire staff.
Dr. Mezia O. Azinge-Obasi (Family Practice/Herbal Medicine)
Brittany Obasi (Medical Assistant)


July 2011
Self-service Check-in using Phreesia

  • Replaces the paper clipboard
  • Verifies insurance
  • Asks patients to pay

What we offer

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